Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Genoa what? It's time for an update!

Im not actually sure when I wrote the first short update, we have been travelling for about a week now but I genuinely feel like its been about a month! Time flies when you're having fun and we have definitely had a lot of fun so far! 

Like the last little update I'm only going to be talking about a few little things and will do a proper full fledged ramble when I get home. I am currently sat in Genoa in our shared dorm surrounded by snoring strangers, we haven't been formally introduced but they sound like they are having a great sleep. 

Genoa has been lovely but very hot, I know it's also hot at home but it's been scorching. As usual I have been sunburnt but the worst area of burn by far is my knees, how on earth I have burned my knees so much when the rest of my legs are fine is beyond me. Clearly I kneed to be more careful.

But here are a few more photo highlights of the journey so far...

-This artist clearly had the wrong idea 

-Boris' friend Noris has decided to join the bike trend.

-The food is still weird, I don't know what a potato dumpling is but finding croutons inside it was a huge surprise. 

-The point of the third hostel film was clearly to see if anyone could survive the worlds hottest room. We did. Just.

-Some fountains should just not be jumped across.

-Signs are still weird.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A little update from Prague

I'm writing this short update towards the end of a very long day travelling on a train from Krakow to Prague. I think we are due to arrive so hopefully this train will be on time unlike the first of today's trains which was delayed due to some mad man and a crane on the track.

So here are a few things we have learnt in our first two days out of the Country,

-Notes are not an appropriate form of payment. It is apparently unforgivably rude to pay with any form of money that is not a coin, it's a good job we all have nothing but 100+ notes for Prague. Why is currency so high??

-The street performers are generally talented, but also weird. Highlights included a woman with a unicorn head, an overly persistent violinist and a man spinning several times on his head.

-Contemporary art is, well contemporary.

-The signs don't make sense. 

-Never try and order a hotdog on a train, you might get this.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

How not to pack for 22 days in Europe

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This time in two days we will finally be in Poland, I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone, it barely feels like two minutes ago since we bought our InterRail passes and booked our plane tickets. And now I’m all packed and nearly ready to go. Although, when I say that I am all packed I am probably missing something vital to our trip, but I guess as long as I don’t forget my pass, money, passport, phone… In fact if I forget anything its probably going to cause some sort of issue, so lets hope that for once I manage to remember nearly everything.

To start with I made sure to pack my InterRail pass, I’m quite sure that without this I will be spending 22 days in Poland, and as interesting as that sounds I think I would rather see a little more of Europe.

InterRail pass, don't they look happy.

 Of course I also have my pass loss and cover protection, as well as being prone to forgetting important items, I am also extremely subject to misplacing them, one key example would be when I lost my hair straighteners for three weeks, only to find them on my shelf (which I had previously cleared completely to find them and then put the contents back on, not my proudest moment.) But ignoring my irresponsible past, I am 100% sure that I will not need to use any kind of lost pass cover.

Pass Loss protection, better not lose this
The elusive straighteners

Now with the amount of stuff I am taking with me I don’t think that I have missed anything, but there is a possibility that I have forgotten something quite important and replaced it with another mini towel that fits inside a little bag. I am dreading the first time I have to use my little towels because I know that there is not a chance that I will make them fit again. Hopefully Karl and Dan are more skilled in repacking as otherwise I think I’m going to need a bigger bag. I also have too many shoes, tops, shorts and everything else imaginable, I have never been one to travel light but if there ever was a time for me to improve my packing skills it is now. When I’m home, I will definitely write an update about the vast amount of clothing I never wore, or the beach towel that never got to see a beach.

Of course I also have a large supply of plasters, paracetamol and suncream so that why I inevitably burn I wont be in too much pain. Unfortunately no sunglasses as of yet but they are first on my list when I get to Poland.

Overpacking is a talent.
All of my important documents are in a special secret compartment in my day bag, so secret in fact that I have forgotten about it at least three times, but if I can’t find it then hopefully no one else will be able to either! The only important paper that is not in there is my boarding pass, in fact boarding passes, my mum knows me far too well and has prepared me with three passes, all in different places. So I will at least make it out of the Country!

And that’s all for now, my bag is surprisingly light considering how stuffed it is, and if I want to buy anything im going to have to have some sort of one in and one out procedure, but I’ll face that when I get to it. I’ll possibly have some updates along the way if I have spare time to spend in an internet cafĂ©, if not enjoy my updates when im home with hopefully a little bit of a tan and a lot more worldly (or at least Europely) experience.
Its surprisingly light, for now.
If anyone is interested in any updates while I am away feel free to follow me on twitter @olivialaydon or Karl  and Dan, as we are likely to do some tweeting.

Also here is our general plan, if anyone has any suggestions of places you have been in these places let me know!

Geneva (Sadly not Genovia from the Princess Diaries as I hoped)